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Listen Ten Minutes of Mesillas Yesharim Weekly learning of Mesillas Yesharim the work of the Ramchal.


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February 26, 2020|א' אדר ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 72): Stay in Your World Episode

February 19, 2020|כ"ד שבט ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 71): Stealing Time is Also Stealing Episode

January 29, 2020|ג' שבט ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 70): Honesty, Integrity and Your Reputation Episode

January 22, 2020|כ"ה טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 69): Stealing from Man is Worse Than Stealing from God Episode

January 15, 2020|י"ח טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 68): You May be a Thief and Not Even Know It Episode

January 8, 2020|י"א טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 67): Elevate and Enrich Episode

January 1, 2020|ד' טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 66): Nurturing Our Souls Episode

December 25, 2019|כ"ז כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 65): Form the Right Habits Episode

December 18, 2019|כ' כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 64): Stop rationalizing = Telling Yourself Rational Lies Episode

December 11, 2019|י"ג כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 63): Don’t Let Fear Sabotage Your Success Episode

December 4, 2019|ו' כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 62): Rational and Irrational Fears Episode

November 20, 2019|כ"ב חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 61): Just Be Normal Episode

November 13, 2019|ט"ו חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 60): The Reward is Proportional to the Effort Episode

November 6, 2019|ח' חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ (Part 59): If You Love It, It Isn’t Suffering Episode

October 30, 2019|א' חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ Part 58: Show That Habit Who is Boss Episode

September 25, 2019|כ"ה אלול ה' אלפים תשע"ט (Part 57): Laziness is the Enemy Episode