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Do They See Our Sounds?

Every year, about 11 million children in the United States participate in school-level spelling bees. The most prestigio...

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When is Your Next Trip to Israel?

Not everyone can travel this summer.  For some, it is difficult to take time off, for others the high cost is a barrier,...

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Turn Your Rage into Outrage

The internet has become a very angry place and “rage bait” influencers are in large part to blame.  More clicks means...

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Keep the Fire Burning

I was once talking to a mother in our community who has several significant challenges in her family.  I asked her an in...

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Rabbiis Efrem Goldberg, Philip Moskowitz, and Josh Broide, from Boca Raton Synagogue, go behind the bima and shmooze about contemporary issues. Every week features an unscripted and lively discussion, special guests, and a behind-the-scenes look at leading a large and dynamic Jewish community.

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