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February 18, 2020|כ"ג שבט ה' אלפים תש"פ Mishpatim: Authentic, Heartfelt Prayer Opens Doors Episode

February 4, 2020|ט' שבט ה' אלפים תש"פ Beshalach: Song of the Soul Episode

January 21, 2020|כ"ד טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ Va’eira: Why Did Moshe Have a Speech Impediment Episode

January 14, 2020|י"ז טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ Shemos: Not One in a Million, Unique Episode

January 7, 2020|י' טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayechi: Hashem Is Our Best Friend Episode

December 31, 2019|ג' טבת ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayigash: Staying True to Ourselves and Our Values Episode

December 24, 2019|כ"ו כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ Mikeitz/Chanuka: Listening Before Speaking Episode

December 17, 2019|י"ט כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayeishev: See the Closeness Between Us, Not the Distance Episode

December 10, 2019|י"ב כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayishlach: It is Time for the Pendulum to Swing Back Episode

December 3, 2019|ה' כסלו ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayeitzei: How Far Apart Are the Real You and the Best Version of You? Episode

November 26, 2019|כ"ח חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ Toldos: The Critical Role of Role Players in Judaism Episode

November 12, 2019|י"ד חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ Vayeira: Sarah Was in the Tent, Does That Make Her a Feminine Failure or a Success? Episode

November 5, 2019|ז' חשון ה' אלפים תש"פ Lech Lecha: Are You Drawn to Happiness or Holiness? Episode

October 29, 2019|ל' תשרי ה' אלפים תש"פ Noach: Faith In Hashem & Faith in Ourselves Episode

September 24, 2019|כ"ד אלול ה' אלפים תשע"ט Nitzavim: Are You Standing Still or on the Move? Episode

September 17, 2019|י"ז אלול ה' אלפים תשע"ט Ki Savo: Saying “It’s All Good” and Meaning It Episode